After School Dublin, CAAfter School Summer Classes in Dublin, CA
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  • After School Summer Classes in Dublin, CA
  • After School Programs in Dublin, CA
  • After School Tutoring in Dublin, CA
  • After School Classes in Dublin, CA
  • After School Summer Classes in Dublin
  • After School Programs in Dublin, CA
  • After School Summer Classes in Dublin
  • After School Summer Classes in Dublin, CA

Reach your full potential with us!

New Learning Grove Academy provides a unique set of classes that help accelerate your child’s education to match that of high-level private schools. You can choose from a variety of classes taught by experienced professionals and offered for students of all ages through college.

How can we help you?

For many years, California has ranked 49 among the 50 states in its education system. Public schools consistently fall behind when it comes to Math, Science, Reading, Grammar, Creative writing, and public speaking.With New Learning Grove Academy, you can ensure that elementary and middle school students accelerate academically with tutoring in private school level math and reading comprehension.

Our team includes teachers with immense teaching experience from most academic private school. We ensure that our students perform at their highest potential. New Learning Grove Academy offers a great after school enrichment program designed for school age kids to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment while allowing them to participate in various academic & extracurricular activities.

To brighten your child's future.. Call us today-(925) 596 - 0471

What people say about us!!

Sapna 6 year Ago
I could never express in writing my appreciation for Rani Mastey and all she has done for my son and our family.I saw a difference in my son after the very first semester with her. Rani has had a profound positive impact on my son, and we are grateful for her unique insights and teaching.Rani is focused on building character and skills our children can use in every aspect of their lives.If you are a parent that struggles with your child at homework time, getting along with others, focusing, or being responsible this is the program.

Ramla 6 year Ago
Good evening everyone. If you are looking for an amazing summer camp, please look into the New Learning Grove Academy in Dublin. My son has been going for the last couple of years and I have seen drastic improvement in him. Ms. Rani does a tremendous job with the children and helps them get to the next level. Feel free to contact her for more info. Thanks.

Nidhi Seth 6 year Ago
Akshat has shown remarkable improvement in his writing skills ever since we enrolled him in the Learning Grove Academy. I'm very thankful to Ms. Mastey for her patience and encouragement. The progress that my son has made would not be possible without her efforts.

Payal Bhagat 5 year Ago
Hi Ms. Rani, I just want to let you know that we got a letter confirming Ria's placement in the GATE program....we are forever grateful to you for your help and support in Ria's education. Congratulations to you!

Surekha Ganti 5 year Ago
If you are looking for exciting and academic-oriented summer camp. I would highly recommend you reach Ms. Rani Mastey. My son who is in 1 Grade loves going to Rani’s after school program. She helps him with homework and gives him extra math/enrichment activities to work on. Management team keeps the parents connected very well and are willing to take any inputs. He is eagerly waiting for the summer program to begin. Please feel free to contact her for more details.

Akhila Nanduri 5 year Ago
Learning Groove Academy has really helped me improve in English over time. Learning Groove Academy has helped me with the new common core standards, grammar, creative writing and many more important fundamentals in Language Arts. I've been going here for more than 2 years and I totally see a difference in myself.

Surekha Ganti 5 year Ago
+1 I too highly recommend New Learning Grove Academy for after school program. I see a tremendous improvement in my son since he started going to Rani Mastey's after school program. She is a very dedicated teacher and gives personal attention to each child. Honestly, we have been so satisfied, that I sent him to Rani's full-time summer session. My son and My family is looking forward to start our second year with her.

Pooja Verma 5 year Ago
Hello Friends, I enrolled my daughter in New Learning Grove Academy with Ms. Rani Mastey for summer camp, and I am extremely happy with her progress and academic achievements over past six weeks. Ms Rani gives individual attention to every student and is very supportive. She challenges kids to excel in their academics and helps in their overall personality development! Ms. Rani offers after school tutoring program and group tutoring. Their after school program also offers several extra-curricular activities such as; Chess, Lego Robotics, Art, Public Speaking, and Martial Arts. Please find below more information about their various programs.

Lakshmi Narayan 3 year Ago
I would like to start off by saying New Learning Grove=Peace of Mind!! This was the first time my daughter would go to an after school tutoring other than the one within the school. I was worried and asked all questions I had to Rani, and she was very patient in answering my questions. My interaction with her gave me a lot of confidence. Thereafter, there has been no looking back. It has been a very smooth ride. My daughter also gets her homework done and corrected which is a big help for me, plus Rani has accelerated learning program which helps with extra work after school. Overall Rani deserves a 5+ rating. Thank you Rani and the crew at New Learning Grove!! You guys rock.